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Calgary’s startups using artificial intelligence

Artificial intelligence is the ability of machines and programs to analyze information and make decisions independently. Such devices can accumulate knowledge and successfully use it, that is, they can perform the same actions as the human brain. In a word, artificial intelligence thinks and implements what is intended. For example, it prepares cocktails, drives cars, or makes diagnoses. Tons of startups in Calgary use artificial intelligence. The list of the most interesting ones in detail on calgary-future.


It is the developer of the Syantra DX device, which performs a screening blood test to detect breast cancer. It looks for biomarkers in whole blood and then uses a software package developed using machine learning to interpret the data and produce a positive or negative result.

Syantra was founded in Calgary in 2016 by doctors Tina Rinker, Ken Fuh, Randy Moore and Bob Shepherd. Rinker and Shepherd studied the cardiovascular disease for ten years at the University of Calgary. The acquired knowledge and experience enabled them to develop a platform for detecting breast cancer biomarkers. In 2011, they began collaborating with Dr. Hyun Lee from Yonsei University (South Korea) and received a grant for joint research. Then other doctors joined.

In 2017, Syantra received a $1.2 million grant from Alberta for innovative research, and with these funds began prospective clinical trials in Canada, Great Britain, the United States and South Korea. In 2021, Syantra received accreditation from the College of Physicians and Surgeons of Alberta (CPSA), allowing it to commercialize Syantra DX.


Providing AI-powered diagnostics because doctors don’t have access to all the information they need to make the best clinical decision for their patients, Cohesic has been helping treat cardiovascular disease since 2014.

Using cutting-edge scientific data, the startup helps doctors reduce uncertainty in diagnosis, improve treatment efficiency, and more. This mission is achieved here with Decision Intelligence (DI) products, namely cardioDI, intakeDI and CARAT.


Symend is a startup that has solved the problem of overdue debt for both companies and individuals. The company was created by entrepreneur Hanif Joshaghani together with entrepreneur Tiffany Kaminski. They had outstanding debts of their own and were surprised at how undeveloped the collection process was. Therefore, in 2016, a convenient and less expensive Symend platform was created. At the time, it was a unique platform in all of Canada.

If the earlier debt in Canada was collected with the help of collection agencies, which took a certain percentage of the total amount of returned funds, later Symend simplified and automated the debt collection process. The startup includes tools based on machine learning.

In 2016-2020, the company received more than 10 million customers, most of them telecommunications companies. Symend also helps companies develop “treatment strategies” to attract new customers by providing companies with a deep understanding of consumer behavior gained through access to advanced analytics.


By combining advanced physics and subject knowledge with artificial intelligence, this startup has been helping the oil and gas industry improve production results and optimize production processes since 2004.

Ambyint provides a proprietary platform that combines and leverages the latest innovations and enables oil production companies to optimize well assets, increasing productivity and efficiency while reducing costs both for operations and maintenance.

In 2012, the team began working on a new technological approach to provide enhanced monitoring and control capabilities for artificial lifts using new technologies emerging in Silicon Valley. In 2015, the company expanded its data processing and machine learning algorithms with the industry’s largest high-resolution data warehouse.


Since 2016, the Chata team has been working on making it easy and intuitive for people to interact with computers. The startup created a conversational user interface. The product itself is called AutoQL, and it provides immediate, dynamic translation of natural language into database query languages. It allows users to access their data by asking questions in their own words and receiving relevant data in real time.

Business owners or simple workers can use such a solution to increase productivity. Artificial intelligence allows the conversational interface to connect to the software and answer questions.


This startup was founded in 2003 in a university research environment in Calgary. The company attracted investors as well as received financial support from the governments of Canada and Alberta. It was able to become a leader in the field of video analytics quickly.

As far as IntelliView develops its algorithms and is engaged in the creation, testing and support of video analytics solutions, it differs from other companies that sell video and thermal cameras. If the client needs any particular configuration, the company changes the existing code according to the client’s request.

The software analyzes the video in real time, tracks objects or people, issues an alarm and sends an alert with an image or video fragment of the desired recorded event to the control centers.

These cameras are primarily used to detect leaks in oil transmission and gathering lines, terminals, metering stations, pumping stations, piggery stations, oil refineries, chemical plants, water treatment plants, tank farms and storage facilities. In addition, the cameras are suitable for wildlife protection, nature reserves, etc.


GeologicAI is a technology company that uses proprietary hardware and artificial intelligence to help geologists improve their workflow. GeologicAI has been creating tools for the mining and exploration industry since 2013, making data analysis more efficient and accessible with innovative robotics, cameras and scanners.

With unique software, geologists can detect and identify minerals, scan soil and more. The startup is designed to eradicate outdated methods of obtaining data to save time and money.


 Using  AI-based software solutions to optimize pipeline transportation operations, the startup has been providing for the oil and gas industry since 2017.

CruxOCM was born out of the belief that dispatch operators should have the best available tools to do their jobs safely and efficiently. Through automation solutions, the startup reduces the risk of spills or other potential hazards, reduces the overall impact of production on the environment, and makes energy consumption more efficient.

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