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On how the Calgary team created an application where you can rate people and leave comments

There are plenty of mobile applications that allow you to rate and leave comments about restaurants and hotels. In 2015, Julia Cordray and Nicole McCullough decided to launch such a human assessment application in Calgary. Its name is Peeple. Further on calgary-future.

Changes the way people interact

The idea to create such a platform arose when Nicole McCullough worked in the management of the Homeowners Association. Then she discovered that there were no obvious ways to get a vetted list of people to meet professional or personal needs, whether they were contractors, babysitters, or just neighbors. Since people tend to trust ratings, Nicole decided it wouldn’t hurt to have an app that would allow people to recommend each other or vice versa to do anti-advertising. Then she told her friend Julia Cordray who already had her own team of developers building tech products for herself and her clients. Thus, they created Peeple.

The app allows users to give ratings and comments to people they interact daily. This gives users the right to know who they will be dealing with before inviting a new babysitter to their home, going on a date with a stranger, inviting a new employee, etc. Such a platform in a sense protects people from other people who are hiding something.

As Julia Cordray explained for CBC, no one can please everyone, but even bad reviews can sometimes be useful. The application can be a stimulus for professionals in various fields, business owners, etc., who seek to understand their shortcomings and improve. The application shows a person through the prism of his social relationships.

To realize the idea, Nicole and Julia raised $270,000 in private capital and began working with the California agency Y Media Labs. At first, the application was free, it was launched on Apple iTunes.

How does the app work?

The app requires a Facebook login. Users must provide their phone numbers to prove they are real people who will post real ratings. Users of the app must be at least 21 years old.

The rating and comments in the application are not posted anonymously. People can be judged in three categories: professional, personal and romantic. Initially, negative comments did not appear automatically in the application but were sent to the mailbox of the person being rated. The evaluator and the person being evaluated had 48 hours to agree on the evaluation, that is, the person being evaluated could defend themselves and avoid an unjustified negative evaluation or at least comment on it after publication.


After launching the application, its authors faced a negative response from society. Because of this, Cordray appeared on The Calgary Eyeopener in September 2015, where she explained the concept of platform.

The Peeple has made international headlines in various media outlets, with criticism pouring in from all over the concept, which has been described as aggressive and open to abuse. Therefore, Cordray changed the basis of the platform, making it possible not to receive or delete negative comments at all, even though this goes against the purpose of the application. Since then, Peeple has lost its meaning as it can only contain positive reviews.

Reference: Julia Cordray is an entrepreneur who, in 2008, created Career Fox, a staffing agency with its own recruitment process, which has shown a 96% success rate in hiring people. CEO of Peeple. In 2003, she graduated from the University of Calgary with a degree in marketing.

Nicole McCullough is the co-founder and creative director of Peeple. She earned an Associate of Health Science degree from Irvine Valley College, California, and a Bachelor of Science degree in Health Care Administration from California State University, Long Beach.

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