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Experience Thrill and Fun With Escape Rooms in Calgary

Escape rooms are the most immersive of all kinds of modern-day entertainment. While it is a subjective judgment, many people find them an excellent pastime in the company of different people. With a couple of close friends or a bigger group of colleagues, relatives, or acquaintances, escape rooms show different colors and allow all of you to boost your problem-solving skills.  

This is not only about trying to outsmart your friends. Teamwork and the ability to cooperate are central parts of escape games. Take Escape Hour as an example. In Canada, their games are a sure way to test your attentiveness, creativity, and erudition. 

What You Can Expect From Escape Games by Escape Hour

Their rooms will defy your usual way of thinking and challenge you, so be ready. To give you a better understanding of what types of games you can choose from and play, we’ll break them down for you: 

  1. Real games.

Various games such as action, sci-fi, detective, and battle games are available in real rooms where participants are locked. Whether you want prompts or not, the adventures include finding cues and solving puzzles and mysteries – all without interruption for 1 hour.  

  1. Virtual reality escape rooms. 

This new type is an action-packed shooter where your team will attempt to defend a base in a virtual world. 

There are six themes: The Matrix, Bank Robbery with Catch Me If You Can, The Five Elements, The Lost Jewel of Zanzibar, Cypher Space, The Curse of the Evil Genie, and Prohibition. The first three escape rooms in Calgary are inspired by cult movies and will test not only your out-of-the-box thinking but also your knowledge of the plot and characters. See how you can get out and overcome by participating in an escape room in Calgary and spending great time with close people.

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